The Rehabilitation
of the Christ of God

The one-of-a-kind book with facts, exposures and spiritual backgrounds to the abuse of the name of Jesus, the Christ, by the external religions.


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Die Rehabilitation des Christus Gottes Book
  • The working of the Christ of God 2000 years ago in Jesus of Nazareth – up until our time in the prophetic word of God
  • The fight of the external religions against the Original Christian stream
  • Violence, war and crime under the guise of “Christian”
  • Church dogmas and tenets of faith – a declaration of war against Christ
  • The trail of blood of the churches
  • The abysses of the teachings of Martin Luther
  • Disdain and suppression of the woman
  • The crime against creation
  • And learn what Jesus, the Christ really taught and teaches again via the prophetic word. Read about the Free Spirit, God in us.


In this extract you will learn about several facets of the abuse of the name of Jesus, the Christ. Above all, the perversion and adulteration of His original teachings and from this, the devastating consequences for mankind and for the whole Earth are shown.


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